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We are a NYC-born agency that runs the wildest Influencer Marketing Campaigns with groundbreaking outcomes. We are committed to growing and driving User Acquisition for your services by leveraging AI-driven solutions.

SparkTeams (disruptive results)

SparkTeams is our revolutionary method of assembling talented professionals on-demand for each campaign. We understand that every project requires a unique skill set and creative approach. That's why we handpick experts from our vast network of specialists, creating a flexible and adaptable crew that perfectly aligns with your brand's goals.

Our agile approach allows us to operate without the constraints of an internal team. Strategically outsourcing talent, we assemble specialized teams tailored to each project's needs. This model offers cost-effectiveness, scalability, flexibility and access to diverse expertise, empowering us to deliver targeted and customized influencer marketing solutions.

User acquisition is the backbone of every company's growth

We acquire users for your business. As simple as funneling customers to the front door.


Research AI-Driven

We perform in-depth researching to ensure that your campaign is backed by valuable insights and strategic planning.
Our team thoroughly explores your brand, target audience, and industry landscape, ensuring a deep understanding of your objectives and market dynamics.

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Research, outreach, negotiation, campaign management and reporting.
We design and manage the entire campaign to lead your company to the top.

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Content Management

Need to ignite your campaign with bangers?
We develop your content strategy partnering with the best content creators.

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PR & Media in New York City

Are you ready to push your company to new heights?
We'll get you featured in Nyc's top-tier media.

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.we adore your industry

At BrightSpark, we are driven by the passion of deploying our work within innovative industries and help brands to stand-out in their respective sectors.


We specialize in customer acquisition, which is the backbone of today's gaming industry.
We customize our campaigns to meet the needs of your project, whether you're monetizing through IAPs, Subscription Models, or Game Sales.

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We excel in elevating brands, developing captivating experiences, and connecting with target consumers. We create strategies to trigger growth and make a lasting impression, from in-store displays to online shopping journeys.

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Our influencer campaigns increase user adoption, foster trust, and position your company as a leader in the digital finance revolution.

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