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We are a NYC-born agency that runs the wildest Influencer Marketing Campaigns with groundbreaking outcomes. We are committed to growing and driving User Acquisition for your services by leveraging AI-driven solutions

Influencer Marketing

We provide a Full Influencer Marketing solution, backed by a skilled staff and a powerful Al system.

Take out the hassle of running influencer campaigns and let our team handle it for you.

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Market & Influencer Research

In-depth influencer and market research to understand about the target audience, industry trends, competitor analysis, and consumer behavior.


Strategy Development

We tailor the strategy of each influencer marketing campaign based on our client needs and their target audiences.



Our team will handle communications and reach out to influencers, cultivating strong relationships based on trust and authenticity to foster effective collaborations.



Using our industry knowledge and wide network to acquire the best deals and reduce costly third-party commissions.


Data-driven Reporting

Analyzing campaign success indicators, analyzing reach, engagement, and conversions, and providing in-depth reports to customers.


Brand PartnershipsLONG-TERM

We'll help you establish long-term relationships between your company and influencers.

Nyc PR & Media

Break into The Big Apple's market:

Although we are an online based agency, our roots were firmly planted in the heart of New York City.

Our team has an intimate understanding of the city's unique culture, trends, and consumer behavior.

We combine this insider knowledge with innovative online strategies to help brands successfully break into the bustling NYC market.

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Media Relations Expertise

We have established relationships with local journalists, influencers, and media outlets, allowing us to secure valuable press coverage and media placements for your brand.


Press Release Distribution

We craft compelling press releases tailored to local audiences and ensure they reach the right media contacts and online platforms.


Events and PR Stunts

Our team will conceptualize, organize, and execute attention-grabbing experiences that generate buzz and media coverage, positioning your brand at the forefront of the city's vibrant scene.


Collaborative Partnerships

We forge strategic partnerships with other NYC-based businesses, influencers, and organizations to maximize exposure and create mutually beneficial opportunities that strengthen your brand's presence in the city.


We've created an ecosystem to change the concept of Influencer Marketing.

This is how we do it:

Integrating AI technologies into the research process provides useful data analysis, audience insights, and predictive modeling capabilities.

Indeed, it helps us to wisely identify influencers, design a better plan, and to optimize overall.


Data Collection

The firm collects massive amounts of data from many sources run with our AI, including social media platforms and prior campaign results.


Data Analysis

Advanced machine learning models are used to read and collected data.

It involves sentiment analysis, topic clustering, audience segmentation and recognizing new trends.


Influencer Identification

Our AI identifies and tests profiles based on audience demographics, engagement rates, content quality, relevancy, and prior success.

This speeds up the search process and enables precise and efficient influencer selection.


Campaign Planning

AI-powered research delivers insights into the tastes and habits of target consumers.

This data assists the firm in designing customized influencer marketing tactics that connect with client goals and resonate with the target demographic.


Predictive Modeling

Analyzing campaign success indicators, analyzing reach, engagement, and conversions, and providing in-depth reports to customers.


Content boost

AI-powered research assists to optimize content by discovering the most engaging formats, topics, and trends.

It ensures that the marketing material is targeted and tailored for optimal impact and audience engagement.

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